Taking Notes


On this page, you'll find some of the classes I've taught either personally or at my church. Look out for more unique content geared towards Christian creatives on Theotivity in the future.

IMAGO | Creatives and their Creator

This was a one-day workshop I taught to help creatives see how their faith connects to creativity. In it we focus primarily on the concept of how we image God as Creator in our creativity and more specifically, how a Christian's creativity is transformed by the Gospel. We also consider what the Bible says about beauty and aesthetics and their role in our lives.

For full class resources including the presentation slides, PDFs of teacher's notes and worksheets, please click HERE.

Imago Workshop
IMAGO: Creatives and their Creator - Workshop
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IMAGO: Creatives and their Creator - Q&A Session
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Divine Sovereignty & Human Responsibility

This workshop was aimed at addressing the question of what does the Bible say about the relationship between Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility. Are these two beliefs at odds and irreconcilable or is there a way to make sense of them? More importantly, what does God's Word have to say on these matters and why is it important to Christians today? I taught the main section of this workshop and at the end we had a Q&A panel with our church elders.

All the resources for this workshop are available HERE.

Doctrine of the Word

This class is part of a series of classes on various modules of systematic theology called "Glorious Doctrine." In this class, we take a look at the doctrine of the Word. I tag-teamed this class with one of my colleagues (Andrew) who is also one of the elders from our church. In it we explore the Bible's inspiration, sufficiency, inerrancy, authority, necessity, clarity and some issues concerning the canon of scripture and apologetic questions.

All the resources for this workshop are available HERE.