059 | Theology for Christmas: The Doctrine of the Incarnation

THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
059 | Theology for Christmas: The Doctrine of the Incarnation

It’s Christmas time and with all the hustle and bustle of this season – it is easy to forget the reason why we intentionally make a fuss about it. It is sad that sometimes the real meaning of Christmas can be lost in the busyness of the season. However, when we take some time to reflect on this marvellous truth – that the Creator God of all the Universe stepped into time and was born of a virgin as a little baby – it is truly a thing to inspire appropriate awe, wonder, worship and witness this season.

I pray that this episode will help you to worship our King Jesus and witness to a lost world this Christmas season. Merry Christmas!


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