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Thaddeus Maharaj

THEOTIVITY is the combination of Theology + Creativity.

It is the brainchild of Thaddeus - a creative and theologian who is passionate about using these two areas of interest for the glory of God and the good of His people.

Born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Thaddeus is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who has worked in a variety of creative media including 3D character art & sculpting, video editing & motion graphics, traditional painting, illustration, web & graphic design.

He is a trained 3D Character Artist (with a BFA in 3D Computer Animation and Diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects) who has worked in the video game industry on AAA games for several years before going to seminary to earn his Masters of Theological Studies (M.TS). He has a keen interest particularly in the areas of apologetics, biblical exposition, discipleship in the local church and helping others integrate their faith and creativity.


He currently works fulltime at his church in both media and discipleship ministries, and continues to seek ways to utilize his God-given talents for the church and is passionate about discipleship.

THEOTIVITY serves as a personal blog and portfolio for putting his two passions (Theology and Creativity) into an online outlet.


Below are three core values for THEOTIVITY:

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I aim to ensure that the content created is well-researched and thoughtful. As such, sources are cited (wherever possible and appropriate) to give confidence and transparency. Too often today we're taught what to think instead of how to think. Even if you come away with a different conclusion, I desire to help encourage thoughtful engagement on the topics addressed and hope you walk away intellectually stimulated.


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The goal is to encourage thinking and reasoning from a consistent Biblical Worldview - testing and establishing all things by the Word of God. I affirm the authority, inerrancy & sufficiency of God's Word and seek to apply its truths to all of life. I am also unapologetically theologically Reformed - holding to and writing from a Reformed (SLBC 1689) understanding of the Christian faith. However, I gladly welcome all Christians from whatever denominations and non-Christians to enjoy and make use of the content on this site.

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The aim is to create and package solid, biblical content in creative and compelling ways to communicate deep theological truths in a way that helps to facilitate understanding and engagement. I desire to make Gospel-centered content which is not merely "artsy" and esoteric, yet more than just pragmatic - blending appealing aesthetics with clarity. I don't believe in "art for art's sake" but rather "art for God's sake" and that is the goal of THEOTIVITY. I hope that this helps make the content accessible yet deep.

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